Technical Services

CSTI Group is able to provide a wide set of services on power plants, production platforms, hook-up services, chemical and pharmaceutical plants and ecology.

The main activities in respect of which CSTI Group offers its services may be summarized as follows:

  • Commissioning power plants

    The activity of Precommissioning can begin even 9 months before of the construction phase. This phase also includes the assignment of responsibility between the various subjects, such as engineers, equipment suppliers, contractors and building the staff that supervise the project. The Precommissioning also provides the verification of the operability of the functional elements within the system, by subjecting them to a series of simulated operating conditions, to add a state of preparation for commissioning. Examples of the various tests made in the process of Precommissioning: the test of energy generation systems, test systems export of oil and gas, test systems and emergency stops, checks of conformity, static tests, testing of piping. At the end of this first phase, a certificate is issued for each sub-system.

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  • Pre-commissioning power plants

    After the activities of Precommissioning it comes to the process of commissioning and that is the phase of installation and start-up of the delivery and verification of the technical specifications of conformity. The phase of Commissiong is not limited to the control of the correct technical operation, neglecting all other aspects in order to make an efficient supply.

    This means the test:

    • the quality of the product
    • the achievement of productivity
    • functionality of the supply
    • economic efficiency of the process

    The quality of the product is a need that you test already reach from the time of their purchase. But the other tests need an activity of monitoring, control and continuous refinement in the beginning of the production, to optimize all aspects of the process, thus achieving the objectives defined in the design phase.

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  • Start up power plants

  • Cogeneration plants

    Cogeneration is the process of simultaneous production of mechanical energy, (processed into electricity ) and heat, often used for heating in the industrial - manufacturing processes . I n the majority of cases the cogeneration plants confer heat already ready for public or private buildings. The most common example of cogeneration plant is that achieved with reciprocating engine / gas turbine and heat recovery boiler. The fumes of the reciprocating engine or gas turbine are united through an exhaust manifold in the recovery boiler. The recovery can be a recovery with an afterburner or a simple recovery if there is no afterburner. The fumes into the boiler allow the production of hot water, saturated steam or superheated steam. The hot water produced by the cogeneration plant is often used for heating purposes, saturated steam for industrial and superheated steam for steam turbines and utilities.

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  • Biogas plants

    A biogas plant converts animal and chemical resources into energy respecting the environment. Through the process of controlled fermentation of biomass (agro-industrial waste, liguami, etc.) the biogas plant produces biogas rich in methane, up to 70%. During this process, the organic material is attacked by bacteria and digested by these, generating bio-gas, which consequently for burning in a generator produces electricity and heat. The energy produced by biogas plants can be heat or electricity. The thermal energy is used for home heating and electricity that can be immersed directly into the power grid or in a co-generator.

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  • Oil and gas offshore plants

  • Assembly management and supervision

  • Erection supervision

  • Quality control

  • Safety

  • Maintenance

  • Surveying

  • Training

Specifically our organization assumes the administration of:

- Contracts and site activities
- Programming and job cost/control (with our web application Ma.S.Com.)
- Materials- Sub-contractor inspections and testing
- Issuance of Quality Plans and relative Certification
- Issuance of safety manuals inherent to specific and standard plants
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